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Dear Aspiring Network Marketing Leader,

Are you sick and tired of trying to build a network marketing distributorship only to see ...

1 ... the company's leadership fall apart before your eyes?
2 ... your distributors get discouraged and quit?
3 ... the product stop working, or the company change product direction?
4 ... the compensation plan change, or fail to pay the commissions expected?


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darenfalter how to select a network marketing company"I often tell people that I've earned my PhD in the MLM School of Hard Knocks. In retrospect, all of the difficulties I've experienced in my lifetime have been to my massive benefit.

As I learned how to shed my ego and forsake my own crazy ideas, I gained the knowledge and wisdom that I desperately needed from top authorities in network marketing. I started applying the principles I learned from many powerful mentors, and now I’m counted among these top achievers. The good news is, I can teach you everything I know is just a few weeks and this knowledge can help you avoid many of the pitfalls and obstacles to your success.”

how to select book picDaren C. Falter, Author

How to Select a
Network Marketing Company:
Six Keys to Scrutinizing, Comparing,
and Selecting a Million Dollar
Home-Based Business




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